Locums Digest #58: Booming Bonuses for Docs & APPs; Locums Improve Patient Satisfaction; Floyd Lee, MDStaffers Make Inc. 5000; Health Carousel is Now Caliber & More

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Physicians, APPs See Significant Surge in Recruiting Incentives in 2023


A recent report by AMN Healthcare showed us that agencies and facilities have seen a surge in new recruiting incentives to attract physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs).

The “2023 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives” study revealed just how competitive the employment landscape has become since the introduction of nontraditional healthcare institutions. Healthcare organizations are now introducing new incentives to help them go toe to toe in recruitment with nontraditional disruptors like retail chains, urgent care centers, and telemedicine platforms.

Here are some notable trends from AMN’s report:

Doctors Are Receiving Higher Signing Bonuses: Signing bonuses for physicians jumped from $31,000 in 2022 to over $37,000 in 2023, and orthopedic surgeons had the highest average starting salary for physicians at $633,000.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) Lead All Providers in Search Engagements: NPs topped the list of requested providers again. The demand for NPs is driven by the growth of the previously mentioned more convenient healthcare services like retail clinics and telemedicine, where NPs play a more pivotal role. NPs also had a 9% increase year-over-year in starting salary offerings.

A Shift in Dynamics: Patient preference shapes employment patterns, and there have been more searches for APPs in the past year than primary care physicians (PCPs). This transformation is due to the rise of those healthcare market disruptors. Also, interest in PCPs lowered, but despite this, family physicians were still the second most-requested search engagement.

Specialist Demand Increases Year Over Year: Specialists are still in high demand because of population growth, aging demographics, and providers aging. Locum tenens work is also more prevalent among specialists. Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) ranked fourth on the list of AMN Healthcare’s most requested search engagements, with starting salaries for OB/GYNs up 10.5% year-over-year — psychiatrists fell to sixth on this year’s list.

The need for providers has encouraged the healthcare market to pivot and embrace variety in recruitment beyond traditional salaries, such as education allowances or loan forgiveness, to entice providers to come to work for them. As the industry continues evolving, we’ll see more of how the nontraditional “market disruptors” reshape the recruitment market.

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the implications of this report in the full article from Health Leaders.

La Vida Locum

How Locums Improve Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Facilities

Locum tenens providers increase a healthcare facility’s patient satisfaction and generate more referrals.

Vista Staffing Solutions broke down some of the ways these providers help do this:

  • Increased Access to Care: Incorporating locum tenens offers a significant advantage in providing more accessible care. By swiftly filling vacancies caused by leaves or unexpected absences, these providers ensure prompt medical attention, reducing patient wait times and, in turn, increasing satisfaction.
  • Maintaining Service Levels: Utilizing locum tenens safeguards consistent, high-quality service, even during staffing shortages. This consistency fosters patient trust and loyalty, resulting in more favorable recommendations.
  • Positive Patient-Provider Interactions: Locum tenens introduce fresh perspectives and skills that invigorate healthcare facilities. These adaptable providers effectively connect with patients, creating a positive atmosphere and improved experiences. Enhanced interactions foster patient satisfaction and referrals.
  • Increased Availability for After-Hours Care: Addressing healthcare needs beyond regular hours is essential. Locum tenens provide crucial support during emergencies, ensuring patients access quality care promptly. This availability increases satisfaction, as patients value timely and reliable healthcare.

For deeper insights into the benefits of locum tenens, read the complete article from Vista.

Rising Cancer Cases Drive Locum Tenens Radiologist Demand


Cancer rates are up around the US, which increases the demand for locum tenens radiologists. The American College of Surgeons said there’s an increase in cancer cases due to COVID-19-related screening delays, emphasizing the urgency for radiology and imaging services. Facilities ranging from medical imaging offices to large hospitals are looking to add temporary locums professionals to address the growing workload.

This trend has amplified the demand for locum tenens radiologists in these three specific areas:

Diagnostic Radiology: The demand extends to subspecialties within diagnostic radiology, including pain medicine, pediatric radiology, and vascular and interventional radiology.

Radiation Oncology: These locums help bridge gaps and manage high patient volumes in cancer centers and hospitals, and they often possess expertise in palliative care and pain medicine.

Interventional Radiology: These radiologists specialize in minimally invasive procedures and contribute to disease diagnosis and treatment. They collaborate with medical teams to identify solutions that help reduce the chance of risky surgeries. 

Explore insights and a comprehensive overview of this trend in the complete article about the demand for locum tenens radiologists.

Locum Leaders

Health Carousel Locum Tenens Announces Rebrand as Caliber Healthcare Solutions


Health Carousel Locum Tenens recently announced it has rebranded to “Caliber Healthcare Solutions,” which they say better reflects the company’s status as a provider-centric locum tenens staffing solution for healthcare facilities. 

CEO Clay Walker emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing patient outcomes through strategic innovation, industry insights, and career support for healthcare professionals. He added that this new identity was an outward recognition of Caliber’s mission, which they’ve been living since day one.

Caliber provides various options for healthcare professionals, ranging from part-time to full-time commitments, including local and travel assignments, all tailored to individual workstyles and goals. 

The organization aims to attract new team members with passion and expertise for healthcare recruitment to help drive Caliber into this new era, and they say autonomy, mobility, and attention to quality patient care remain at the core of its purpose.

View the full announcement from Caliber in this press release

Floyd Lee Locums, MDstaffers Take Spot on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List


Healthcare staffing companies Floyd Lee Locums and MDstaffers were both named to Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Each year, Inc. magazine recognizes companies on its Inc. 5000 list for competitiveness, resilience, and innovation in a dynamic market. With an average growth rate of 219% and a combined revenue of $358 billion in 2022, these companies on the list created more than 1 million jobs collectively. The top 500 companies will be featured in the September issue of Inc. magazine.

Founded six years ago, the Charleston, South Carolina-based Floyd Lee Locums continues to impact the healthcare staffing landscape. Floyd Lee Locums made the list for the third consecutive year. CEO Natasha Lee, above, expressed her gratitude for this achievement, attributing it to the Floyd Lee team’s collective dedication and hard work. 

Headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California, MDstaffers delivers tailored healthcare staffing solutions to various organizations, from large corporations to private practices. MDstaffers secured its spot on the list for the fifth consecutive year. 

CEO Ryan Larkin also attributed this achievement to the dedication of the MDStaffers team, noting that it affirms their commitment to improving healthcare access nationwide.

Dive into the details of this achievement and see where each firm landed on the list in the full press releases from Floyd Lee Locums and MDstaffers.

Hire Power

New Butler Street Webinar Answers ‘How Self-Aware’ We Need To Be In Professional Life


Butler Street, in partnership with NALTO, will host its “How Self-Aware Do You Really Have to Be?” webinar on Sept. 20th at 3 p.m. ET. 

Senior Learning Consultant for Butler Street Erika Bantz will present how people who work in the recruitment and sales field can achieve self-awareness that will help them further develop relationships professionally and personally. 

Bantz will delve into the ins and outs of emotional quotient (EQ) and how it can help you succeed in business. Highlights include: 

  • What is EQ?
  • Why does EQ matter in a results-driven world?
  • How to harness the power of EQ to drive success

Register for the event at this link and sign up to receive weekly updates about upcoming events from NALTO. 

Second Opinion

Epic, Microsoft Join Forces to Harnessing AI’s Power for Personalized Patient Care


Epic and Microsoft are deepening their collaboration to improve generative artificial intelligence (AI) use in healthcare. Generative AI’s most significant potential lies in creating diverse content like images, text, and data, which in the medical context could revolutionize diagnostics, expedite drug discovery, and personalize patient interactions with AI-driven chatbots. 

Both companies are concentrating on AI’s potential to enhance healthcare delivery. They want to provide secure access to AI-generated clinical insights and administrative tools across multiple Epic modules. Combining Microsoft’s cloud and AI capabilities with Epic’s healthcare expertise will tackle some crucial challenges clinicians face while boosting patient care and operational efficiency.

This partnership will integrate conversational, ambient, and generative AI into the Epic electronic health record ecosystem. A pivotal aspect is addressing the imminent physician shortage and associated burnout, problems AI solutions aim to alleviate by automating tasks that contribute to administrative burdens. 

The full article from Health Exec elaborates on the expanded partnership’s potential to drive positive change in healthcare practices.

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