Okay, so our title intrigued you if you’ve read this far. (Still, if you’ve studied the locum tenens industry at all, you might be thinking in the background, ‘Really? How many of these guides does one industry need? Practically every locums agency of any size has one on its website — and they all pretty much say the same things!’). Well.

Through our take on the basics, put together by a handful of locum tenens industry veterans, we hope to prevent new recruits from making “rookie mistakes” that cost them — and sometimes the agencies they work for — time, money or unnecessary stress.

Let’s face it: new technology, new regulations and labor practices in the “gig economy,” and untimely pandemics are remaking the way physicians interact with staffing agencies, healthcare facilities, government, and patients. As neutral observers with decades of experience, our mission is to equip you to tackle locum tenens like a pro in a post-pandemic world.

As “Physician on Fire,” Leif Dahleen notes, “This industry is still dominated by the locums-agency middlemen and opaque business practices.”

Our agenda at Locumpedia is none other than to bring a little transparency to a traditionally opaque industry we’ve observed for decades. We hope you’ll join us as explore how to succeed in locum tenens in 2021 and beyond.

Explore the Guide

What locum tenens medical practice is; how this way of practicing works; and why, at various stages of your career, you might want to consider it.

When in a clinician’s career it’s best to work locum tenens; the specialties that are most in-demand for locum tenens practice; and how to determine if locum tenens is right for you.

Why contract through a locum tenens staffing agency; how to sort through the 100+ locum tenens agencies; and how to find locum tenens jobs directly.

Learn how to present your life’s value-equation-to-date in print and verbally, overcome licensing and credentialing challenges, and discover why you don’t have to quit your full-time  job to try locum tenens.

The lowdown on locum tenens contracts, salary and pay, independent contractor requirements, and the dreaded taxes.

Now we prepare you to actually “hit the road,” get to the hospital or clinic where you’ll fill in, and settle into your temporary living quarters (unless your assignment is close enough to “home” for you to drive back and forth).