Locumpedia Board is the first truly first free locum tenens job board that isn’t owned by a staffing agency. It’s part of the first and only locum tenens platform that helps locum tenens physicians, CRNAs, and advanced practitioners make intelligent decisions.

Out of “Site,” Out of Mind

Did you know that many staffing agencies are reluctant to post their jobs on a job board that a competing staffing agency owns since the job board operator technically owns the data posted? That’s what happens on other free locum tenens job boards, but that’s not a problem on Locumpedia.

Did you also know that not every agency posts their jobs to every job board? That means you might be missing that dream locums assignment that was never posted. And you can’t manage job board accounts for all of the physician job sites anyway.

By offering free mass job imports and by removing competitive barriers that cause staffing agencies to think twice before posting, Locumpedia is sure to attract more jobs than any other locum tenens marketplace.

Other Ways Locumpedia is Different

Another key feature that sets Locumpedia apart from other boards is the ability for providers to post reviews of any locum tenens staffing agency for which they’ve previously worked. Providers won’t find this feature on any other site, let alone a competing job board. These shared experiences will help locum tenens providers get a sense of the agency’s customer service and the kinds of assignments and facilities they represent.

Traditional job board functionality is simply table-stakes in the digital age. Established boards have little incentive to build something truly new because any change to their business model could imperil their profitability. We’re starting with a blank slate and asking ourselves what a locum tenens platform should look like in 2022, and we plan to deliver on our mission to develop the first true locum tenens platform that benefits everyone.

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