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Best & Worst States for Locum Tenens Doctors in 2021

WalletHub’s new analysis ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 19 metrics to determine which are the best for doctors in 2021 (Edited from March 22, 2021 articles by John S. Kiernan, [...]

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Locums Digest: SIA’s 2021 Best Companies, New NALTO Leadership, Icon Medical Acquired, Locums Tax Changes & More

Locums Digest is Locumpedia’s roundup of hot topics, top stories, and social media posts of interest to the locum tenens and medical communities. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive Locums Digest before it’s published here. SIA Announces 2021 [...]

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Meet Vladimir Dzhashi, MD — The Locum Tenens Guy

Locum Profiles is Locumpedia's spotlight of locum tenens advocates who are successfully practicing or supporting the locum tenens way. Subscribe to our newsletter to read new profiles before they're published here. For hospitalist Vlad Dzhashi, [...]

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The No-BS Guide to Locum Tenens in 2021

Part 3: What’s the Scoop on Locum Tenens Staffing Agencies?

Locum tenens guides are a dime a dozen, so why another one? Unlike others, ours is an unfiltered guide that helps providers learn how to succeed in today’s “fill-in physicians” game without the spin and self-serving propaganda.

In the third part of our seven-part series:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what “locum tenens” is, how it works and what kinds of physicians practice this way, let’s take a look at healthcare staffing agencies and the pros and cons of finding locum tenens jobs with and without them.

Locum Tenens Staffing Directory

The Locumpedia Directory features detailed listings of all locum tenens staffing agencies including their top specialties and providers staffed, a direct connection to job listings, contact info, malpractice details, payment options, and more.

Emergency Medicine

(46 agencies)


(45 agencies)


(38 agencies)

Family Medicine

(38 agencies)


(32 agencies)

General Surgery

(26 agencies)


(26 agencies)

Internal Medicine

(25 agencies)