Locums Digest 25: Healthcare Hiring & Quits Up, Wapiti Celebrates 25 Years; Hayes Honors Vets; 2022 NALTO Conference & More

4.4 Million Quit Jobs as Vacancies Soar to 11 M+ in September

(Edited from Becker’s Hospital Review, 11/12/2021)

The healthcare industry led the charge on hiring as the labor shortage continued in September, revealing the depths of imbalance in the labor market.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ‘healthcare and social assistance sector hired 785,000 people in September, second only to ‘retail trade and accommodation and food services.’

However, a record 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September, up from 4.3 million in August. The trade and transportation industries, as well as the leisure and hospitality industry, saw the highest ‘quit rates,’ with more than 900,000 people quitting in each. The healthcare industry saw some 589,000 “quits” in September.

Indeed.com also released statistics on total vacancies, estimating there were 11.2 million job openings as of Nov. 5. The most recent statistics suggest the deepening mismatch between employees and employers in the labor market.

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Wapiti Medical Staffing Celebrates 25 Years Serving Rural Communities

(Edited from Cision/PRWeb, 11/18/2021)

Wapiti Medical Staffing, a healthcare staffing company with a strong presence throughout the Upper Midwest, celebrates 25 years in business this year. Throughout its history, Wapiti has remained committed to a vision of improving the well-being of the communities served: one employee, one healthcare provider, and one facility at a time.

Wapiti traces its roots to 1996 in a small, rural hospital in Iowa. Dr. Brad McDonald, a resident physician at the time, was tasked with managing the ER schedule at that facility. While there, Dr. McDonald saw a need to staff other rural communities with physicians temporarily to help fill staffing gaps and an idea was born.

Wapiti Medical Staffing began as a start-up of residents covering Upper Midwest ERs on weekends, eventually expanding to full ER coverage, as well as clinic, urgent care, inpatient, anesthesia, and other services.

Today the agency’s database includes more than 700 healthcare practitioners including physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

One of the largest medical staffing firms in the Upper Midwest, Wapiti Medical Staffing is based in both Milbank and Huron, SD.

Honoring Veterans with Honor Flight

(Edited from Hayes Locums Blog, 11/8/2021)

As a part Our “Hayes Helps,” we partner with Honor Flight South Florida, a 100% all-volunteer organization dedicated solely to honoring all veterans in Broward, Dade, and Monroe counties.

For veterans in the final chapters of their lives, it’s a race against time to get them to Washington, DC, to reflect at the memorials built in their honor.

For Hayes Locums employees who volunteer as guardians for the day, it’s a memorable and meaningful experience — designed to remind honorees how appreciated they are, and how much impact they’ve made on American lives.

Hayes Quality Assurance Supervisor Julie Tchividjian traveled to DC with a war veteran in October 2021. This was Julie’s first time volunteering with Honor Flight, but we doubt it will be her last.

‘Her’ 87-year-old veteran had served in the Korean War in the 1950s. The experience began the Tuesday before the trip when Julie visited him at his home. She said they talked for over an hour.

She teared up remembering the most touching moments of their trip.

“My veteran is a stoic man, and he had his quiet moments, but throughout the day he kept saying, ‘This is very, very nice,” Tchividjian said. “I’ve been with Hayes a little over five years, and have volunteered with other organizations, but Honor Flight is my favorite to date.”

A Day of Appreciation and Care

Julie picked up her veteran at 2:15 am and took him to meet the bus chartered to deliver the veterans and guardians to the Miami Airport. A Broward Sheriff’s office escort accompanies them – Julie said the group was appreciated and cared for from that moment on.

During the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, guards are not permitted to stop or acknowledge anyone, but they will make a distinct sound by dragging their boots along the concrete when veterans are present to show their appreciation.

“On the bus en route to Arlington, I told him that when I heard the boot-scuffing, I would put my hand on his back to make sure he knew. When the guard scuffed his boots, I put my hand on his back gently, and he simply nodded. This was a highlight of the day for me and for all the veterans there.”

Letters from Friends, Family, and Strangers

On their return flight home, veterans are presented with large envelopes of letters of appreciation collected from friends, family, and strangers. “This is deemed ‘Mail Call,’ and it’s a total surprise to the veterans,” Julie said.

“He read every single word, and then he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, ‘This is what made this day worth it.”

When Julie dropped her veteran off at home late that night he said “I want you to stay in touch with me.” They talked on the phone the next day, and have spoken once a week since.

The special connections made on Honor Flights are what makes this experience so special. It might happen in a day, but the relationships built tend to last for some time.

About Honor Flight

Honor Flight provides all-expenses-paid trips to Washington, DC for veterans. Volunteers accompany and assist veterans as they visit war memorials. The all-volunteer organization has made the experience possible for more than 245,000 US veterans to date.

How Locum Tenens Can Enrich a Medical Career

(Edited from post by Keith Hernandez, Coaching Business Owners, 11/11/2021)

Most physicians probably have heard already about locum tenens as a career alternative. However, many medical professionals simply ignore it.

There are plenty of benefits for those willing to “take the plunge” and contact a locum tenens company. Here are a few ways it can enrich your medical career.

1. A chance to take ‘center stage.’

If there’s one truth about locum tenens, it’s that those looking to hire physicians are in dire need of their help. After all, being a locum tenens physician involves filling a void. You’ll receive a more hands-on experience by choosing locum tenens compared to the typical physician’s career — especially if you choose an assignment at a remote facility.

Those who want to test their mettle will find plenty of satisfaction with locum tenens. It offers the added benefit of improving your resume in the process. You can think of it as trial-by-fire, but it can be a surprisingly relaxed career direction, as you’ll find out below.

2. A fixed schedule makes locum tenens easier to manage.

Working long hours generally isn’t an issue with locum tenens like it might be in a typical physician career. For example, full-time physicians have to not only care for patients but also deal with administrative responsibilities. Add in the perpetual overtime associated with being “on-staff,” and the schedule can be a hectic schedule.

While locum tenens still requires you to get the job done, the lack of administrative duties means you get to focus on practicing medicine. It also means you don’t have to spend too much time on the job, allowing you to rest and recuperate for the next day.

3. A got fit for physicians new any career stage.

While you might think the locum tenens career fits younger physicians best, it offers benefits for experienced physicians, as well. For the former, it’s about an exciting start to a long and meaningful career. For the latter, it’s often about a refreshing change of pace.

Locum tenens might not be the career choice for most physicians, but it offers plenty of options for an enriching medical career in medicine.

The Healthcare Staffing Story

AB Staffing Solutions Announces Leadership Changes

(Edited from Global Newswire, 11/19/2021)

Healthcare staffing agency AB Staffing Solutions, LLC., today announced the following leadership changes: AB Staffing President Evan Burks will become chief executive officer, while 14-year AB Staffing veteran Lance Schugg takes over as the company’s president.

Having served as AB Staffing president for the past decade, Burks looks forward to continuing to grow the company as a healthcare staffing industry leader. Schugg most recently served as chief administrative officer.

With 10 years of healthcare staffing experience — almost four of them with AB Staffing, Adam Boxberger has been promoted to senior VP of Operations.

Global Power 150 – Women In Staffing, Class of 2021 Revealed

(Edited from SIA Daily News, 11/16/2021)

Staffing Industry Analysts released its 7th Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing List, Class of 2021 on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Now in its seventh year, the list highlights 100 women from the Americas and 50 globally who have made significant contributions to the success of their companies and the ecosystem.

Bullhorn is sponsoring the list for the seventh year in a row.

“The executives on this list continually rise to the challenge, in times of crisis and growth, to navigate market conditions and provide a role model for tomorrow’s leaders,” Bullhorn Founder and CEO Art Papas said. “It’s an honor to help recognize their achievements and ongoing industry impact.”

The full list is available online.

North American Staffing 100 Nomination Deadline Extended

(Edited from SIA Daily News, 11/17/2021)

The deadline for nominating staffing industry executives for the 2022 North American Staffing 100 list of influential people in staffing has been extended to Nov. 29. Nominations may be made online.

2022 will mark the 11th time SIA has published the list, which comprises men and women who are charting a course into the future of workforce solutions.

Here’s a link to this year’s list.

The list will be published in the January/February print edition of Staffing Industry Review magazine as well as online.

Interim Healthcare Acquires Franchise Serving Florida’s “Treasure Coast”

(Edited from SIA Daily News, 11/12/2021)

Interim HealthCare Inc., a franchisor of home care; senior care; healthcare staffing and other services, acquired Interim HealthCare of the Treasure Coast following the retirement of owners Jan Wahby and Shawn Griffin. Interim HealthCare of the Treasure Coast has served West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie, Fla. and the business will continue.

Interim HealthCare operates on both a franchise and company-owned model.

Earlier this year, Interim HealthCare acquired Interim HealthCare of San Diego, marking the first managed acquisition within its network in more than a decade.

“We believe the most successful organizations are those that are willing to push beyond traditional boundaries,” said Jennifer Sheets, president and CEO of Interim HealthCare Inc. “When opportunities surface that allows us to expand our client base and strengthen our business, we will pursue them.”

Healthcare Staffing Talent Platform Trusted Inc. Announces Funding Round

Trusted Inc., a talent platform focused on healthcare staffing, announced $149 million in new investments — including a $94 million Series C funding round led by venture capital firm Greenspring Associates, and a $55 million Series B funding round led by early investors Craft Ventures and Felicis Ventures.

The two rounds bring total funding at Trusted to $175 million.

The rounds will go toward accelerating the rollout of Trusted’s new “Works” platform, which enables hospitals to build their on-demand workforces from contract labor to internal float pools.

San Francisco-based Trusted had a $20 million Series A round back in May 2019.

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Recruit CEO Says It’s Time To Get Rid of Résumés (Fortune)

(Edited from SIA Daily News, 11/17/2021)

Hisayuki “Deko” Idekoba, CEO of Recruiting Holdings Co., which operates both Indeed and Glassdoor, said today’s tight labor market may make this a time to move on from the résumé, according to a recent Fortune article. “The hiring process is still résumés, sending résumés, checking résumés,” Idekoba said. “This is a great opportunity for us to move forward from old-school, incumbent résumé-profile culture to asking: what can you do?”

Staffing-Related Snippets

As of September 15, 2021, some 30% of the more than 3.3 million healthcare personnel in 2,086 US facilities analyzed between 1/20 and 9/15, 2021 remained unvaccinated against COVID-19, according to the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) Brief Report, 11/17/2021. COVID-19 vaccine coverage was highest among those working in children’s hospitals.

Becker’s ASC Review reports that, “CMS plans to cut physician pay by 9 percent in 2022, while costs to run an independent practice continue to rise.

“Since 2001, the cost of running a medical practice has increased 39 percent, but CMS has only increased pay for physicians by 11 percent, according to the American Medical Association. As a result, when adjusting for inflation in practice cost, Medicare physician pay dropped 20 percent over the past two decades.”


Business Insider reported last week that higher wages and more job opportunities are drawing retirees back into the workforce.

More than 2.5% of retired workers in the US went back to work in October, Nick Bunker, director of economic research at Indeed Hiring Lab, told MarketWatch. That was the highest figure during the pandemic so far, according to his analysis of the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.