The Past, Present, and Future of Locum Tenens Will be on Display at the 2023 NALTO Fall Fly-In Next Week

Amidst record-breaking growth in the temporary physician staffing market, the locum tenens world converges once again next week for the annual Fall Fly-In hosted by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations on Sept. 26-27, 2023, in picturesque Park City, Utah.

Each year, the Fall Fly-In serves as an invaluable forum where NALTO members network, share past experiences, and participate in meaningful discussions where they share new ideas to support the industry and grow their agencies.

 “Learning how others are tackling the obstacles our industry faces and embracing the new opportunities helps us serve the locum tenens industry better,” says Olivia Reed, NALTO’s Conference Committee Chair. “This year, I’m especially excited about the ‘Past, Present, and Future President’s panel.’ It’s going to be such a unique experience to learn how our industry has shifted over the years and what these industry experts foresee for the future.”

Reed, who has worked in job recruitment for 12 years — specifically locum tenens for six — says there’s added excitement to the event this year because of how fast locum tenens has grown year over year. 

“The locums industry has ebbs and flows, but in this season of extreme growth, it’s more important than ever to ensure we are stomping challenges and creating a bright future for locums,” Reed says. 

Exciting Opportunities Abound

The Fall Fly-In starts at 3 p.m. on Sept. 26, and right from the jump, attendees get the opportunity to participate in member roundtables and join in on the reception with the event’s exhibitors — Locumpedia is exhibiting once again! Make sure to stop by and say hello, and get a free “We Love Locums” t-shirt while supplies last.

Some other exciting experiences that await us in Park City: 

  • On Tuesday night, a delightful offsite dinner with NALTO members at a beloved 19-year-old Park City favorite, “The Mustang.”
  • A packed Day 2 of events starting at 7:30 a.m. as the exhibit hall and registration desk open, and a delicious breakfast with event exhibitors at 8:30 a.m.
  • CHG Healthcare’s Teri Gibson will deliver the keynote presentation on the morning of Day 2, providing insights into the “State of Locum Tenens,” revealing the latest industry trends and their impact on healthcare facilities and providers.
  • A “Hospital Executives Panel” exploring the benefits and challenges of hiring locum tenens professionals. Top hospital recruitment executives will share their expertise and discuss how agencies can best collaborate.
  • Gain valuable insights from NALTO’s “Past, Present, and Future Presidents” Panel, offering a unique perspective on the industry’s evolution.
  • Join in on the collective efforts on NALTO in Washington, DC, as we hear how NALTO has advanced its legislative agenda and discover the following steps to stay informed about future state-level legislation.
  • Enjoy the countless networking opportunities, and stick around to see if you take home some prizes at the event’s end.
  • A free night to experience the beauty of Park City, Utah, at your leisure, making the most of time to explore all the city has to offer!

Check out the full agenda of the day’s event here, and plan your schedule around the various panels and exhibits.

The Work We Do Matters

One of the ways NALTO has helped ensure a bright future for the locum tenens industry is by bringing the Health Care Provider Shortage Minimization Act to Congress. Reed applauded the NALTO legislative group for promoting the bill to permanently codify locum tenens providers as independent contractors. The legislation is a prime example of how NALTO is bettering our industry and ensuring the growth continues, Reed says.

Jarin Dana, president-elect of NALTO and co-founder of Fusion Healthcare Staffing, has been one of the advocates of this legislation, and he’ll have the opportunity to share more about NALTO’s advocacy during the “Past, Present, and Future President Panel.”

Dana says he looks forward each year to the event to network and discuss industry insights. He loves having the opportunity to hear how others are handling the same nuanced issues he deals with working in locum tenens.

“The in-person events force me to look at my business from new perspectives,” he says. “I always come home with an idea on how to improve my business.

“With growth comes greater responsibility to conduct business in a manner that helps our clients, providers, and patients. Through resources available through NALTO and conferences, our members can benefit from collaboration with other firms and avoid potential pitfalls as each company looks to grow its business.”

For Reed, there comes a sense of pride from knowing an organization like NALTO that is kept abreast of all issues impacting the healthcare industry and stays laser-focused on offering solutions that can help provide the best care for patients. It reminds her that “what we do matters” and that the hard work must continue as the momentum surrounding locum tenens builds. That’s a message both Reed and Dana hope NALTO members walk away with from the event.

“I think locum tenens provides an opportunity to address problems for years to come,” Reed says. “At the end of the day, our work ensures that providers can go into communities where there are coverage gaps and impact lives in the most positive manner. What we do matters. Patients’ lives are at risk. We hope everyone leaves Fall Fly-In recharged and excited to continue forging ahead.”

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