Locumpedia Introduces the First Search Engine for Locum Tenens Physician Jobs

Locumpedia is celebrating the beta launch of Locumpedia Job Search, the first locum tenens search engine that allows physicians, CRNAs, and advanced practitioners to search staffing agency jobs from one simple search bar.

The Google-like search engine is free of charge, and registration isn’t required for job seekers or staffing agencies. More than 7,000 locum tenens opportunities posted across 45 agency websites are currently searchable. The job index is expected to continually grow in the months ahead as more agency job listings are added to the index.

How it Works

For physicians and advanced practitioners, Locumpedia Job Search offers a one-stop-shop where all locum tenens jobs posted online can be searched using standard web search queries, such as “hospitalist texas” or “psychiatry california adults.”

For locum tenens staffing agencies, Locumpedia Job Search introduces a free new source of job leads outside of traditional job boards, saving agencies time and money. The criteria to be indexed are simple — if a job posting can be visited by clicking a link on an agency’s website, the job is searchable in Locumpedia Search. At this time, jobs that can only be viewed by submitting a search form are not indexable, as is the case with Google Search.

“After two years of development and incubation, we’re absolutely thrilled to see our vision of the first locum tenens search engine come to fruition,” said Cory Kleinschmidt, founder and publisher of Locumpedia. “We believe providers will enjoy the flexibility and freedom of the search engine. No longer will they have to physically visit multiple agency websites to find the right jobs that match their interests and qualifications,” he added.

Agency Feedback Requested

Because Locumpedia Job Search is currently a beta product, its developers are continually working to refine the ranking algorithm, indexing completion, and other functionality. Locumpedia invites agencies that have been indexed in the beta launch to offer feedback on the tool before the company begins promoting the service to providers.

Agencies that don’t find their jobs listed in Locumpedia Job Search should contact Locumpedia to find out how they can ensure that their agency’s jobs are included. Technical tweaks or other modifications to their website may be required before a particular agency’s jobs can be indexed.

Search is Just the Beginning

Kleinschmidt promises several major new upgrades and product launches by the end of 2021.

“This launch is the first of many innovative tools that we expect to gain widespread adoption due to their simplicity, robustness, and elegance – not to mention their low or no cost. Locumpedia Search is just the beginning of our aspiration to become the most indispensable platform for the locum tenens industry. As they say, ‘watch this space!”

To begin searching locum tenens jobs, visit Locumpedia Search