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Locumpedia Board is the first truly first free locum tenens job board without restrictions or prying eyes. It’s part of the first and only locum tenens industry platform for staffing agencies and healthcare employers.

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As the only truly free locum tenens job board, there are no limits to the hot opportunities that locums providers will find here. We just launched in February, so create your profile now and get in on the ground floor:

Locumpedia is a locum tenens industry platform that helps physicians, staffing firms, and healthcare facilities make smart decisions with free news, resources, and tools.

Locumpedia News is the only dedicated locum tenens news source. Locumpedia Directory offers the most comprehensive source of information on locum tenens staffing agencies. Locumpedia Web Search is the first locum tenens job search engine. And now, Locumpedia Board is the first free, independent locum tenens job board that isn’t owned by a staffing agency. 

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Our goal at Locumpedia is to bring a little transparency to a traditionally opaque industry. Through our take on the basics, put together by a handful of locum tenens industry veterans, we hope to prevent new recruits from making “rookie mistakes” that cost them — and sometimes the agencies they work for — time, money or unnecessary stress. 

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The most comprehensive directory of locum tenens staffing agencies in the industry. Find agencies that specialize in your facility’s coverage needs or in your job search. Read real reviews posted by physicians.

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