Locumpedia’s Founder Discusses the First Locum Tenens Platform and the Future of the Industry on the Inside Physician Recruiting Podcast with Jerry Limonta

On March 6, Locumpedia founder and publisher Cory Kleinschmidt appeared on the Inside Physician Recruiting Podcast with locum tenens veteran Jerry Limonta to discuss the backstory to Locumpedia and what may lie ahead for the industry.

Jerry Limonta

The 33-minute episode was published on March 9. The podcast can be streamed in audio form on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or as a Spotify video in the mobile app or on the desktop. To watch the video, play the audio version first, and after a few seconds, a “start video” button should appear, allowing listeners to watch.

During the episode, Jerry and Cory discuss an array of locum tenens topics, including:
  • How Cory got into locum tenens (or is that “local tennis”?)
  • How his experience architecting the digital strategy for one of the largest locum tenens staffing agencies inspired the concept behind Locumpedia
  • How Locumpedia’s no-cost resources and tools help staffing agencies, providers, and healthcare facilities
  • A preview of Locumpedia’s upcoming AI-powered locum tenens job description generator
  • What’s changed the most in locum tenens recruiting over the past 20 years
  • What it will take to succeed in locums in the years of tech-fueled disruption ahead

Many thanks to Jerry for having Cory on his show. Give the episode a listen or a view, and let us know your thoughts.

Jerry’s passion for enhancing physician recruiting and staffing practices led to the creation of his Inside Physician Recruiting podcast in January 2023. The podcast “is dedicated to sharing ideas, insights, and the inside track on physician recruiting from the industry’s best and brightest.” The first episode was broadcast on January 27. To date, 17 episodes have been published. 

In addition to maintaining a prolific publishing podcasting schedule, Jerry works with Synchronized Solutions, a healthcare workforce management platform.

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