See How Leading Locum Tenens Staffing Agencies Celebrated National Locum Tenens Week 2023

Another National Locum Tenens Week has come to a close – and what a week it’s been! The Locumpedia staff worked its tail off this year to bring you the first complete history of locum tenens and exclusive interviews with four founding figures of the industry.

We hope you enjoyed our annual homage to the more than 50,000 healthcare providers who practice locum tenens. As is the case each Locum Tenens Week, dozens of locums agencies have also celebrated the industry with some remarkable campaigns.

At Locumpedia, our mission is to spotlight the contributions these vital firms make to the delivery of healthcare. So, as is our custom, we’re pleased to bring you some of the most interesting LT Week campaigns from those agencies.

1. At the Heart of Locum Tenens Week

All Star Healthcare Solutions kicked off locum tenens week by presenting its All Star Cares Award to Susan Trocciola, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon. 

The award is given each year to a provider that All Star President and CEO Ken Bernstein says significantly impacts the lives of others — patients and other community members. An executive board pores over submissions and selects the winner that always handles each assignment with compassionate care. 

Dr. Trocciola began her professional career as a high school science teacher before enrolling in medical school and establishing a career in cardiothoracic surgery. She has been a practicing locum tenens provider with All Star since 2015. 

In addition to being an accomplished surgeon and teacher, she’s also a breast cancer survivor. Bernstein said that Dr. Trocciola truly embodied the spirit of the award and said it was a privilege to honor her in this way.

“Dr. Trocciola’s journey as a surgeon, cancer survivor, and teacher embodies the spirit of this award,” said Bernstein. “We’re grateful for her relationship with All Star, and we are privileged to name her the 2023 All Star Cares Award honoree.”

2. Aya Awards $50,000 in Scholarships to Aspiring Healthcare Professionals

Aya Locums started locum tenens week off with a bang. The San Diego-based staffing agency celebrated with the introduction of its “Aya Locums Future Leaders in Medicine Scholarship.” 

The scholarship is awarded in partnership with the National Medical Fellowships, Inc. Inspired by the work of their locum tenens providers, the agency contributed $50,000 in support of five aspiring healthcare professionals. 

Each recipient of the scholarship comes from an underrepresented background, and Aya hopes this scholarship will enable these providers to pave the way as future leaders. 

3. The Impact of a Few Highly Skilled, Transient Providers

We all know locum tenens providers play an essential role in healthcare delivery, but seeing that impact in numbers really drives that statement home. 

In its tribute to the industry, nerded out with some stats that truly document the impact of these “transient, yet highly skilled” physicians and advanced practice providers. 

Remarkably, over the past 12 months, placed more than 2,000 anesthesiologists, CRNAs, psychiatrists, and hospitalists, who collectively worked over 300,000 work days!

Dive deeper to learn more astounding stats in the full article.

4. Wapiti Medical Offers Insights to New Locum Tenens Providers From A 9-year Vet

Wapiti Medical celebrated with insights from a locum tenens doc they’ve worked with for nine years. The staffing agency based in Milbank, South Dakota, interviewed Dr. Lee B., who says he chose locum tenens after being fed up with the grind of a private clinic and hospitals. 

He says he was flipping through the pages of an American Family Physician journal when he came across the Wapiti Medical ad. He gave them a call, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Dr. Lee had some insights to offer new locum providers: 

  • On navigating new facilities: “Expect that it will take some time to figure out the power structure of each location, and it is best to sit back and observe for several shifts before you give too strong of an opinion on workflows, staffing, and policies unless it is compromising patient care at the time. There are several ways to run a small hospital, and most places don’t want to hear, “In my last hospital, this is how we did things, and you need to do it the same way.”
  • Some travel hacks from years of locums: “I have been loyal to United (Airlines), and I have a great status with them, so when things do go sideways, it helps to jump ahead of people for standby seats, etc. I have signed up with several rental car companies to get the perks of just grabbing keys and going if possible. Get a travel-based credit card and only use it for business expenses so that it is easy to track the costs when it comes to tax time. Don’t use cash when traveling for work; you must keep receipts, which is a huge pain.”

5. Floyd Lee Locums’ “Thank You” Video to Providers

This week, Floyd Lee Locums paid tribute to each of its physicians and APPs with a message from its team thanking their partners for the lives and communities they serve in. 

They also offered a free giveaway of embroidered FIGS scrubs or a lab coat for participating providers. The giveaway ends August 18 at 11:59 — in case you’re interested. Check out this LinkedIn post for more info on how to participate.

6. Hayes Locums Shows The Impact a Provider Can Have on Lives

Hayes Locums shared a heartwarming story this week from one of its physician consultants, James Turner. 

In a video, Turner reads from a December 2020 email from a patient’s wife that had worked with one of Hayes’ locum tenens physicians. The physician was a last-second appointment in a critical care hospital. The facility and Hayes’ team had to work quickly to find a doctor who could practice in the area. 

The patient’s wife contacted Hayes directly to let them know that one of their locum tenens physicians had saved her husband’s wife. She said throughout her husband’s stay, the doctor contacted her, cried with her, and updated her on his vitals.  

Turner spoke about how letters like these can really put things into perspective. The locum tenens agencies, and providers they partner with, aren’t just doing a job. They “serve a much bigger purpose.”

Signing Off for LT Week 2023

Turner’s quote is an apt way to end National Locum Tenens Week. 

Locum tenens providers have an important role in healthcare delivery. They are flexible problem-solvers who are always ready to fill in wherever they are needed. For that, we’re extremely grateful, and we’re happy we’ve been able to celebrate you this week.  From all of us at Locumpedia, thanks again to our physicians and APPs for the work you do. 

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