Locumpedia Founder Explains the Company’s Mission and Vision at the 2022 NALTO Conference

At the 2022 NALTO/NAPR conference in Las Vegas, Locumpedia founder Cory Kleinschmidt sat down with for a video podcast with Dr. Jen Barna to explain how working locum tenens can help physicians achieve work-life balance and how the Locumpedia platform can help them in their careers.

Dr. Barna is a board-certified, practicing radiologist and founder of DocWorking, a subscription coaching service that helps physicians achieve the best of life and medicine. She also publishes a podcast that features news of interest to physicians as well as inspiring doctor profiles.

Watch the Video

From the YouTube video description:

“Are you interested in working locums, or is this the first time you’ve heard of locum tenens? In this episode, Jen Barna MD, DocWorking founder and CEO, comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada at the NAPR Conference with entrepreneur Cory Kleinschmidt, founder and CEO of Locumpedia, to tell the DocWorking audience all about what Locumpedia is, what their mission is, and how it may be very useful to you. Locumpedia is a new locum tenens industry platform that helps physicians, staffing firms, and healthcare facilities make smart decisions with free news, resources, and tools. If you are looking for job flexibility and work-life balance, or even a side gig, locums may be the answer for you. To learn more about locums, check out Locumpedia.com.

Locum tenens definition: one filling an office for a time or temporarily taking the place of another —used especially of a doctor or clergyman”